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Thiq Law Firm has been able to build a distinguished professional reputation in the law field locally and globally by providing services, consultations and legal studies as well as supplying the best legal defense.This is a result of alternative confidence and maintaining commitment to provide legal advices leading to the best solutions that support the position of our legal clients in accordance with the quality of the foundations we have followed through continuance development in the implementation of legal services.

Thiq Law Firm has a great experience in attorneyship, legal consulting and alternative methods for settelments dispute, Thiq Law Firm also has a qualified legal, advisory and administrative staff of qualified professionals with diverse and specialized qualifications performing business in accordance with a professional institutional system in light of the modern standards of Organizations in the concept of partners in the legal establishment. Thiq law firm also has many cooperation protocols inside and outside Kuwait.


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Thiq Law Firm has a great experience in attorney ship, legal consulting and alternative methods for settlements dispute.

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Defending the rights and interests of our customers, protecting their gains, respecting their desires, committed to not conflicting interests, honesty, confidentiality, transparency, professional ethics and keen to achieve justice